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Portrait of…W4 Bathrooms

W4 Bathroom started 40 years as a plumbing shop and is now a well-established bathroom fittings supplier based in Chiswick.

Bazalgette’s legacy

In the mid-19th century, London was ravaged by recurring epidemics of cholera and typhoid. Originally believed to have been caused by ‘foul air’, it was not until 1854 that the source of these diseases was identified as contaminated drinking water.

Designing tips

Bathrooms so often get relegated to tricky spaces with limited or no natural light and ventilation. This is exactly why the design process is so important: good spatial planning and functionality are the key to upgrade them in the way they (and you) deserve!

5 ways to improve your bathroom

Even in this modern age, it is incredible how hard it can be to make the shower run at just the right temperature. Luckily the solution is a simple one: use a thermostatic shower valve.

Natural Cleaning

TINCTURE is a range of 100% natural home and cleaning products formulated and manufactured in Norfolk, UK.


BATHROOMS can be fairly tricky to design, particularly as they are often relegated to small, awkward rooms with no natural light. In this edition, we have tips on creating space and choosing the right flooring, we look at some beautiful and natural cleaning products and talk to one of our favourite local bathroom suppliers.