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In this 9th edition of Sketchpad, we dive into the world of HERITAGE, taking a look at listed buildings, long-lasting design, and how to ensure your home will continue to look after you as you and your family ages.

Portrait of… Our design consultant

Rocio Lereah joined Goodbody & Co. in 2011 and has worked with many of our clients to transform their visions into reality. We chat to her about what you should be thinking of when starting your own refurbishment project. Don’t know where to start? Whether you have just bought a place or you have been […]

The history of the ‘List’

What one particular thing do Stonehenge, 17th century town houses, the Forth Bridge and the Beatles’ pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road have all in common?… …they are all on The List. The first ‘List’, dating back to 1882, tentatively recorded structures of national architectural or historic interest that protected them from excessive redevelopment. However it […]

Planning your home for your future

The challenge in renovation projects is to work not only within the boundaries set by the property itself and the client’s current situation, but also by their needs and plans for the next 10, 20 and 30 years. We recently undertook the renovation of a beautiful Grade I listed Tudor mansion, and the brief included […]

5 Things to ensure your home looks after you

While many of the standard supports for the elderly and infirm can be clinical and unattractive, there are a number of other ways that their requirements can be incorporated into the fabric and design of the house itself. We have compiled a few ideas for you: FLOOR: Rugs should be secured with a non-slip underlay […]

The Old Cinema

The Old Cinema is the perfect destination for anyone interested in vintage and antique furniture. Fittingly, the history of the very building itself is as complex as some of the beautiful items it sells.

Portrait of…French Touch Properties

French Touch Properties is one of London’s leading property search companies based in the capital since 2005. We interviewed the founder Segolene Chambon who talks with passion about her team, her work and what it means to have La Touch.

The history of the modern office

The open-plan office in one form or another has dominated workspaces since architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Larkin Administration Building in New York at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Fun meets function: designing ‘quirky’ telephone booths

In the last few years we have had more and more enquiries for office refurbishments that bring together design, practicality, careful project planning and… fun.

You’ve got mail

The world of stationery is a constantly growing arena. Even in this digital age, the market is expected to grow by £49.1 million by 2021.