Natural Cleaning

TINCTURE is a range of 100% natural home and cleaning products formulated and manufactured in Norfolk, UK.

It was created by sisters Angelika and Anastasia Brozler, respectively an investment banker and a herbalist/fragrance expert, who had searched everywhere for high-performance, non-toxic cleaning and lifestyle products that were safe to use around their children.

Their inspiration came from the monastic practice of using herbs and plants such as bay, bergamot, camphor and cloves for healing, cleansing and medicinal purposes. No perfume is added, and the smell of each product derives from the ingredients used.

“As our environments are becoming ever more polluted by chemicals, artificial scents and toxic ingredients, TINCTURE returns us to an age when natural plants were used for their protective and medicinal properties for cleansing, an era where knowledge of the scientific properties of botanical plants were garnered over time and used with wisdom. The most exciting thing about TINCTURE is discovering how antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification ingredients already exist in nature. “– Anastasia Brozler

TINCTURE also incorporates an antimicrobial agent known as Silver Technology. Silver has been used for hundreds of years as way of preserving freshness, and has been included here in both the formula itself and in the bottle material to ensure it stays bacteria free.

The range includes an all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass and mirror spray, hand lotion and room spray. Currently available at, the range will soon be stocked in eight John Lewis stores across the UK.