5 ways to improve your bathroom

  • Why wait for hot water?
    Even in this modern age, it is incredible how hard it can be to make the shower run at just the right temperature. Luckily the solution is a simple one: use a thermostatic shower valve. These valves adjust the flow of water according to the heat of the water itself to maintain a constant temperature.
  • What flooring can you use in a bathroom?
    Tiles, especially non-slip varieties, are perennially popular: they come in a huge variety of finishes and colour, and can be combined with under floor heating. Stone is beautiful, timeless and durable, but must be resealed every 12 months or so. For both stone and tiled floors the grout will require extra attention as can grow mould if not cleaned thoroughly.
    Recently, engineered wood has also been made available for bathrooms, but it does require some maintenance and care and spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible. For a cheaper, more robust family options, why not consider a textured rubber or vinyl floor? They come in all manner of colours and styles and can be very forgiving of little mucky paws.
  • Bathroom lighting
    Great lighting will always enhance your space, but this is immeasurably true for small bathrooms with no natural light. Use dimmable LED downlights to create the perfect mood: bright in the morning, soft in the evening, and low and dramatic for a luxurious spa feel. An LED strip behind the mirror will create depth, while wall sconces at head height on either side of the mirror are essential for your morning routine.
  • Ventilation fan
    Choosing the right ventilation is a small but important detail. Fortunately, unlike their clunky predecessors, fans are becoming increasingly smaller, quieter and more efficient. Make sure to check the cubic feet per minute rate (CFM) and choose one that can adequately handle the size of your bathroom: most bathrooms can manage with just one fan, but some larger ones may require two.
  • Creating space
    Even in the tiniest of rooms, a feeling of space can be carved out somehow. A wall hanging loo and sink will make the room feel lighter and free up floor space, or try replacing the bath with a walk-in shower, especially if you are able to build storage niches into the walls. If you have the resources, working with a specialist joiner will allow you to build bespoke storage into the most awkward of spaces.