Portrait of…W4 Bathrooms

W4 Bathroom started 40 years as a plumbing shop and is now a well-established bathroom fittings supplier based in Chiswick. Leon joined the family business in 2004 and has since mostly taken over from his parent – although his mother is still involved in the administration side.

As with many high street businesses, the main challenge recently has been to compete with online sales. Being able to provide good customer service is what really makes the difference, and the need to build strong relationships is becoming more and more important for Leon, as for other local businesses.

Having worked with Leon for over 6 years, here at Goodbody & Co. we can definitely vouch for the strength of their good natured and professional approach. Their quick response in dealing with our enquiries or resolving issues is almost unparalleled, and leads to a much more efficient working relationship than can be achieved with many suppliers.

Leon recognises there has been a huge growth in bespoke products and finishes such as brass and matt black. The likes of Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram means that clients have more and more access to visual ideas and want to reproduce exactly what they have seen on social media — whether they are real products or just staged for atmosphere.

This is something that Leon and his team are very happy to help with and will even go to a client’s house to help them realise their vision. One of his favourite projects took place about 6-7 years ago, and involved a completely bright red bathroom from floor to ceiling including taps and sinks. After reaching out to manufacturers from all over the world, they were able to deliver on this wonderfully unique and exciting brief.

W4 Bathrooms work with many European and international manufacturers, but they also like to promote UK based manufacturer such as Mackie or Samuel Heath. Leon is keen to stress the importance of quality, and will only stock products he trusts and believes in. While there has definitely been a rise in more technologically advanced products, the majority of his customers are really looking for simple styles, quality materials and excellent functionality – all of which you can be sure of finding at W4 Bathrooms.