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Portrait of… Sian Zeng

Imagine the walls of your children’s bedroom becoming the background to their stories, where flying pigs, talking donkeys, and dinosaurs dressed in stripy tops find refuge in beautiful woodland wallpaper scenes.

Making your child’s bedroom safe

Design should be beautiful but it should also be functional and safe. We look at just some of the existing regulations for children’s products and what to consider when choosing a piece of furniture or accessory for your child’s bedroom.

Designing a teenager’s bedroom

Whether you want to completely re-decorate, or think up clever storage solutions for an ever-expanding handbag collection, we are here to help you and your child manage this sometimes tricky transition to a more ‘grown-up’ bedroom.

Children’s Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage solutions for children’s rooms, it is always hard to combine playfulness with practicality.

A chair like no other

SPYNTEX is a chair like no other. Made of 100% recyclable composite materials, the emphasis is as much on the imagination that goes into the creation of it, as the chair itself.


It comes as little surprise that more and more designers are turning their attention and efforts to the ever-expanding world of CHILDREN. As kids grow from tiny babies to lounging teenagers, the sort of furniture, design and decor they need evolves alongside them. We look at how children can grow with their room and not […]