A chair like no other

SPYNTEX is a chair like no other. Made of 100% recyclable composite materials, the emphasis is as much on the imagination that goes into the creation of it, as the chair itself. The assembly process is dead simple: just slide the bars together to create a chair that is exactly the right height and curvature for you.There is even an app which shows you how to create the different designs, step-by-step. Somehow they’ve managed to remove all the flat-pack induced stress of building furniture and making it into a way for families to spend time together and express their creative ideas.

It’s so simple that even little children can do it, turning it into a family game – who can make the most exciting chair? (Or seesaw? Or spaceship?) The sets comprise of a number of long and short bars, available in nine different colours and two different sizes, one for adults, one for children. They are strong and durable, suitable for use both indoor and outdoor – and is of course eco friendly.

The engineering behind SPYNTEX is actually based on another award-winning Lithuanian project, SPYNDI, which uses natural wood and copper edging. After SPYNDI’s success, they wanted to create a more affordable, more playful version – namely, SPYNTEX. In late 2016, they launched an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign nearly tripling their goal. Their plan is to start production in the first half of 2017 and to start shipping from October 2017.

Some SPYNTEX facts

Adult set: 61 bars in total: 16 short (185 mm) & 45 long (555 mm)
Kids set: 41 bars in total: 16 short (92 mm) & 25 long (370 mm)
Weight per set: Adult set – c.18 kg; Kids set – c.6 kg.
Durability: water-resistant and can hold practically any weight.
Material: innovative conglomerate, 100% recyclable composite material, patented engineering solution, that provides the fascinating end result of modern esthetics and achieves remarkable durability.

a choice of 9 different colours that match together opening even more space for creativity.

For more information visit the official website: spyntex.com/ (spyntex.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders)