The Garden Room

When indoor space is at a premium, it’s time to upgrade the humble garden shed.

No longer just for storage, a stand-alone studio or outbuilding is an additional, outdoor room with endless possibilities: a summerhouse or additional lounge for entertaining, a dedicated area for toys and play, an office or a place of quiet refuge. Your garden studio can reflect and enhance the style of your home and garden as well as increase its overall value.

A garden room is a flexible, indoor-outdoor structure that does not usually require planning permission. Bi-fold doors can be used to create the seamless illusion of an expansive yet sheltered outdoor area. Energy efficient glazing – double or even triple – and electricity enable the garden room to be enjoyed throughout the year come rain or shine.

Living or green roofs are also an option on outdoor buildings for those wishing to further integrate an additional room within the garden and soften the visual impact for neighbouring properties.