Are wet rooms the answer to a lack of bathroom space?

Lighting is often the key to making any small room feel large but how do you deal with a shower room no bigger than a shoebox? In this case a box measuring 3sqm by 2m tall!

To say it can be awkward would be an understatement, particularly if the walls have to be proofed against exterior damp and all the services including the gas meter (no joke) need to be surface run and hidden behind false walls.

The trick? Fit surface finishes such as tiles – floor to ceiling. Make the shower room into a wet room, complete with a step at the entrance. Hang WC pans from the wall to improve cleanliness and use corner basins rather than square or rectangular shapes to make movement comfortable and safe.

In addition form niches and features lit with a combination of white and yellow LED lighting to create warmth, visibility and a greater sense of space.

Above all ensure that every detail has a very practical purpose.