Making the most of an awkward space

Laundry rooms are usually the most frustrating spaces in a house. Packed with plant machinery: boilers, hot water cylinders and household laundry appliances, their conflicting uses (washing/drying clothes while running dirty machinery) frustrates everyone from cleaners to engineers.

Finding a way to hide an industrial scale boiler and heating system, commercial gas meter, megaflow and associated machinery, presented a considerable challenge to us, not least because all equipment had to be accessible for servicing and maintenance.

To solve this, we fitted drying cabinets with false backs and tops, grilled doors and independent air extraction vents. The ceiling was lowered and panelled to allow the passage of pipework and access to valves, and all other non-laundry related machinery was concealed behind cupboard doors. In addition, large LED ‘daylight’ panels were set into the suspended ceiling to create a sense of space and a comfortable domestic environment.