How to build a micro kitchen in the heart of the city

Often the most important room in the house is also the smallest. This is typical of purpose built flats in city mansion blocks where value is attached to the number of bedrooms, not general living space and a practical kitchen.

Rather than trying to swim against the tide by knocking rooms together, the trick is to maximise the space by creating depth to the walls, ceiling and sometimes the floor. By doing so, homeowners increase function and the long-term value of the property, as well as reducing structural building costs. Money left over can be put into higher value appliances, which for a first time buyer, will drastically reduce long term spending.

Home owners can look at turning partition walls into shallow recessed shelves, for example left over pieces of kitchen worktop can be recycled and used to make drop-down breakfast tables. Drawers can be added to under cupboard kick boards and unused kitchen cabinet space turned into wine racks and tray storage. While it is important for the room to have character, homeowners should try to maintain a neutral colour scheme, reduce shadows, integrate good lighting and keep surfaces low maintenance. Surfaces that trap dust and grease will make a kitchen feel small, claustrophobic and dirty.