No time to lose: managing a tight schedule

Commercial development and retrofitting requires a very different set of project management skills to standard residential refurbishments. The contractor must take into account everything from working out-of-hours to protecting existing fixtures and finishes, while maintaining environmental and IT services. Above all, any disruption to clients and the surrounding businesses must be avoided.

While most projects carried out by Goodbody & Co. are residential, we do complete fit outs in a business setting. The brief here was to build a new meeting room within an existing office space in central London. The schedule was tight and work could only take place at weekends over a period of 3 weeks.

In order to create the new space, alterations were made to the existing glass partitions and new ones were commissioned and installed. This in turn required modifications to the lighting, fire and climate control systems, flooring, as well as the construction and reinstatement of matching bulkheads above the new partitions.