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GREEN has been our inspiration for this 2nd issue. We’ve included some tips on how to build sustainably, using the colour green in your interior and why living walls could be a good alternative for small city gardens.

Portrait of…Les Pouces Verts

Isabelle has always had a great love for plants and flowers. In 2012, she set up her consultancy Les Pouces Verts, (The Green Thumbs).

Tea Time at Chelsea

The Royal Horticultural Society actually held their first flower show in Chiswick in 1833. It was moved to Kensington in 1862, then to Temple Gardens, before finally settling in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in 1913, where it has been held ever since.

We see green!

We talk with Rocio Lereah, head of Architectural & Interior Design, about using colour in your home.

The benefits of ‘greening’ your home

5 things to do to improve your home naturally

Sustainable living

Have you ever wondered why old houses seem to suffer less from poor air quality than our modern homes? Well it is usually to do with the construction process and materials – not just the gaps in the windows.