A few gift ideas

Since it’s Christmas, we’ve asked the Goodbody & Co. team to tell us what objects they couldn’t live without. Will you recognize the person behind those objects? Maybe it will give you ideas for your own gift list…

As a child he would often go and visit the company where his father worked. On the wall there were two or three analogue clocks. He remembers the thrill of watching and waiting for the exact moment that the minutes changed. For him the Karlsson’s analogue wall clock captures that childhood memory.

Before settling in South London, she had moved many times – more than eleven flats in fifteen years. The one thing she would always pack to remind her of home was a scented candle to bring warmth and atmosphere to a room. Diptyque’s ‘Feu de bois’ reminds her of long Sunday afternoons spent at her grandparents’ country house, while Rami Mekdachi’s ‘Lola James Harper’ range conjures up very particular places and stories: the Promenade in Vincennes, or The Vinyl Store, Rue des Dames.

You always see him carrying his notebook, writing lists and taking notes: without a pad, he says he might forget something! Although he doesn’t necessarily have a favorite, he does love ‘The hand of architect book & notebook set” by Moleskine. And if you are a stationary fan in general, then definitely browse these collections: liberty.co.uk, marbyandelm.com, quilllondon.com, presentandcorrect.com.

For this member of the team, it’s all about soft throws and cushions. The Conran shop has them in beautiful solid colours, while Designers Guild and Liberty are great for fabrics and cushions. For a sophisticated use of colour and pattern, you’ll love Claire Gaudion, a contemporary British textile designer.

Lastly, a perfect way to make a house feel more like home is to make a really good meal: a casserole perhaps, or a roast – even a tagine. She says that nothing feels more homely than the aroma of herbs and spices and the promise of a good meal with family and friends. Le Creuset is perhaps the most well known brand of cookware – there is nothing that hints at home-cooked deliciousness quite like that flash of rustic orange!