5 things to make your house fitter

5 simple steps to help save energy and make your house more efficient.

  • Boiler efficiency – modern condensing boilers are not only considerably more energy efficient but they are easier to maintain and generally more reliable. Ranging from 16kW to at least 90kW they are better engineered to use the heat generated from burning fuels, resulting in much less heat loss. Did you ever wonder why your boiler cupboard was so hot before you replaced your boiler? Savings: You will not only save around a third of your bill straight away but considerably cut down the servicing and maintenance costs long term – depending on the model.
  • Inter-floor insulation – insulating between your floorboards will both reduce your annual fuel bills and reduce the noise transferred between floors (great for energetic children and noisy teenagers!).
  • Windows – they provide light, warmth and ventilation but can also have a negative impact on your energy efficiency if not properly insulated. Traditional sash windows are the worst offenders but they can be upgraded with integrated draft proofing and better balancing.
  • LED lamps and lighting – replacing old fittings with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) units will dramatically reduce your electricity usage and save the long term cost and irritation of replacing bulbs. Modern LED units typically last 15 years and have a running cost of 1/10 of a standard bulb! While the basic fittings can be quite limited in light colour, intensity and focus there are now very good product ranges on the market with museum quality beams.
  • Refrigerators – yes fridges can be highly inefficient, particularly large American-style larder fridges. Check the heat pump annually: if it is low on refrigerant, the pump will run longer and more frequently, resulting in very high energy usage. Dirty heat exchangers will further aggravate the problem.