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In this 9th edition of Sketchpad, we dive into the world of HERITAGE, taking a look at listed buildings, long-lasting design, and how to ensure your home will continue to look after you as you and your family ages.

Designing an Office

We look at the OFFICE not just from the point of view of the interior architecture or the building itself but also what it means to run an office today when so many things can be done via mobile phone and on the go.


BATHROOMS can be fairly tricky to design, particularly as they are often relegated to small, awkward rooms with no natural light. In this edition, we have tips on creating space and choosing the right flooring, we look at some beautiful and natural cleaning products and talk to one of our favourite local bathroom suppliers.


It comes as little surprise that more and more designers are turning their attention and efforts to the ever-expanding world of CHILDREN. As kids grow from tiny babies to lounging teenagers, the sort of furniture, design and decor they need evolves alongside them. We look at how children can grow with their room and not […]


Each country has its own TRADITION. We span the globe in this fifth edition of Sketchpad, examining the Eastern roots of the wallpaper industry, the working life of a South American architect – and take a look at some festive traditions.


Imagine a candlelit dinner: warm, romantic, delicious. Now, turn on the overhead lights and everything changes immediately – even the food tastes different! In this issue, we look at LIGHTING: from new designers to traditional glassblowing techniques, and the art of using natural light.


The SUMMER is a good time to look after your home, whether you choose to declutter, reclaim your space, improve your interior with mini makeovers, refresh the colour of your walls or finally tackle your damp proofing issue.


GREEN has been our inspiration for this 2nd issue. We’ve included some tips on how to build sustainably, using the colour green in your interior and why living walls could be a good alternative for small city gardens.


In our first issue we cover an area that has been close to our heart over the years: RESTORATION.


This special edition of Sketchpad is a compilation of articles to give advice and tips to homeowners on design, build and home maintenance.