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Portrait of…French Touch Properties

French Touch Properties is one of London’s leading property search companies based in the capital since 2005. We interviewed the founder Segolene Chambon who talks with passion about her team, her work and what it means to have La Touch.

The history of the modern office

The open-plan office in one form or another has dominated workspaces since architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Larkin Administration Building in New York at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Fun meets function: designing ‘quirky’ telephone booths

In the last few years we have had more and more enquiries for office refurbishments that bring together design, practicality, careful project planning and… fun.

You’ve got mail

The world of stationery is a constantly growing arena. Even in this digital age, the market is expected to grow by £49.1 million by 2021.

5 Things to create a relaxed office space

More than 1.52 million Brits now work full-time from their kitchen tables, bedroom desks and garden sheds, up 19% from a decade ago.

Designing an Office

We look at the OFFICE not just from the point of view of the interior architecture or the building itself but also what it means to run an office today when so many things can be done via mobile phone and on the go.