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How to choose your wooden floor

The popularity of wooden floors has for centuries fluctuated. What we now think of as a beautiful and sought-after finish was in times past considered just a splinter-ridden floorboard best covered by a rug.

A few gift ideas

Since it’s Christmas, we’ve asked the Goodbody & Co. team to tell us what objects they couldn’t live without. Will you recognize the person behind those objects?

Portrait of…An architect

As a child Mariano loved the structure and design of the big old town houses in Buenos Aires. The thickness of the walls, the creak of cedar boards and the musty smell of European oak and dust.

Christmas traditions

Did you know… that there are at least 6 different languages spoken by the team at Goodbody & Co., meaning 6 very different cultural traditions at Christmas!

Behind the scenes at de Gournay

Historically wallpaper, with a few notable exceptions, has been the poor relation of the decorative arts. Rather than being a room’s primary focus of interest it has generally been thought of as mere ‘background decor’.


Each country has its own TRADITION. We span the globe in this fifth edition of Sketchpad, examining the Eastern roots of the wallpaper industry, the working life of a South American architect – and take a look at some festive traditions.