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“In the cloud”, a light sculpture

We talk to Fabien Barbeau about their recent project for one of our clients, called ‘in the cloud’

Portrait of…Chiswick Lighting

Penny Ledbury grew up in Chiswick, like her father and grandfather before her. She seems to know everyone in the neighbourhood and as we sit drinking coffee on a terrace near the shop she smiles and nods to various people passing by.

London’s new Design Museum

Before the first London Design Museum was opened, there was the V&A, books on William Morris or the Bauhaus but nothing on the history of Industrial Design and nowhere exhibiting mass production design.

Lighting design in 5 steps

The focus of the new layout of this basement refurbishment in West London was to make better use of the natural light.

Buster + Punch

Massimo Buster Minale is a London architect and industrial designer with a passion for metalwork, motorcycles and music.


Imagine a candlelit dinner: warm, romantic, delicious. Now, turn on the overhead lights and everything changes immediately – even the food tastes different! In this issue, we look at LIGHTING: from new designers to traditional glassblowing techniques, and the art of using natural light.