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Meet one of our head joiner

Matt (Mindaugas Mattas) is one of our longest serving joiners and carpenters. At 36 years old, he has been with the company since its formation: from fitting kitchens in his first year, to the full renovation and restoration projects of today.

The ever changing London skyline

The London skyline is one of the most rapidly changing views in Europe: just count the number of cranes and you can see how much building work is going on.

The secret life of your house

We look at two typical activities and tips on how to help them run smoothly while you are away.

5 Mini makeovers to improve your home

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go through a lot of noise, dust and endless planning applications to give your house a makeover. We look at 5 easy steps that can change your living space.

Tricks of the trade

Sliding doors have become more and more popular in the last 5 years as technology has improved and contemporary aesthetics have reduced the home owner’s desire for conventional side hung doors that take up space.


The SUMMER is a good time to look after your home, whether you choose to declutter, reclaim your space, improve your interior with mini makeovers, refresh the colour of your walls or finally tackle your damp proofing issue.