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In our first issue we cover an area that has been close to our heart over the years: RESTORATION.

Portrait of…Thermo Lignum

Thermo Lignum is the name of a Chiswick based company who use chemical free methods to eradicate woodworm and other insects from organic materials.

Basements: a few things to consider

Although they have less of a visual impact, Basement Planning Applications are more complicated due to their effect on the quality of life, traffic management and the living conditions of local residents.

A heritage project in numbers

We don’t often work outside London but to be involved in a project with so much history was something we all wanted to be part of.

5 things to make your house fitter

5 simple steps to help save energy and make your house more efficient.

Interview: the restoration expert

Set up by Matt Stevens in 2007, Stevens Furniture Restoration is a company we have been collaborating with for the past 6 years. We talked to Matt about the challenges and rewards of the industry and why he chose this unusual career.