Rocio B. Lereah

Rocio studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. After graduating in 2003 she was employed by a leading Interior and Retail Design studio, Pablo Chiappori in Argentina, where she worked with clients including Kosiuko and Giesso.

After moving to England she studied Interior Design at KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London where she graduated at the top of her class.

Rocio joined Goodbody & Co. in 2011 to provide interior and architectural design/concept work on a wide range of projects throughout West London. In 2019 she founded Design Matters FRM Ltd, but continues to work as a consultant.

Her influences are many: “I love perfectly imperfect interiors, mixing new with traditional materials, and playing with the powerful effect of light.”

With a background in architecture, Rocio has a cautious view of interior design. “My aim is to balance a client’s practical necessities with individuality. Working closely together to achieve the highest standards possible without over-complicating the interior environment.”

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