Contemporary remodeling of a lower ground floor

End of terrace house, Kensington

As children grow into teenagers and the needs of the family change, living spaces can also adapt. This project was about transforming a rigid suite of rooms into a more free-flowing space that linked with the formal reception rooms above.


Opening up the space

The wall between the original kitchen and staff rooms was knocked down to create one unified kitchen, family dining and relaxation area, flooded with light. The children’s playroom at the back of the house was then converted into a gym with adjoining shower room and spare bedroom for less mobile guests.

Surfaces & Finishes: Mood board

The use of light reflecting surfaces from contemporary furniture, a continuous colour palette and the subtle shades of neutral fabrics and natural wood give a bright yet soft, clean and calming aesthetic.

Strategic Lighting

The lighting was very carefully and strategically placed to bring out particular elements and details in the design.

  • Secto Octo ceiling light:

    With their minimalist, Scandinavian feel, these handmade birch shades provide a gentle ambient light.

  • Natural lighting:

    Enhancing the limited natural lights with soft LED down lighting and picture lights

  • Reflective lights:

    These ‘up-down’ lamps are set into niches, which direct light into pools on the ceiling and polished floor. The atmosphere is cool and quiet, and at the same time expansive and lively.

  • LED lights:

    A mixture of LED fittings were used for their versatility, eco-friendly qualities and longevity.

  • Lighted niche:

    Creating depth and drama to a dark corridor.

  • Wine cellar lighting:

    The same ‘up-down’ lights are used in the basement – but here the light reflects off the wooden racks and stone walls, creating a much warmer feel.

A modern addition
to a traditional family home

Gym & En-Suite bathroom

In addition to the new kitchen, a gym and en-suite bathroom was incorporated into the design.

Behind the walls of a small gym space

  • Large mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger work-out area
  • Bespoke walnut joinery to provide storage and shelving
  • Motorised glass roof & air conditioning unit to keep the room well ventilated throughout the year
  • Acoustically insulated room to prevent noise transfer to the rest of the house
  • Raised floor on timber spacers to provide spring and limit movement to the engineered wooden boards